Full Array Backlight vs Edge-lit Backlight

November 10, 2022

Full Array Backlight vs Edge-lit Backlight

Are you in the market for a new TV and faced with the dilemma of choosing between Full Array backlight and Edge-lit backlight? Look no further as we compare both technologies to help you make an informed decision.

What is Full Array Backlight Technology?

Full Array backlight, also known as Direct Lit, is a technology that places LED lights behind the entire screen uniformly. This means that the screen is divided into zones that can be dimmed or brightened independently to create accurate images and colors without any unevenness.

Advantages of Full Array Backlight Technology

  • Better black levels and contrast ratio
  • Brighter and more even image quality
  • Minimal light blooming

Disadvantages of Full Array Backlight Technology

  • More expensive
  • Slightly thicker TVs

What is Edge-lit Backlight Technology?

Edge-lit backlight technology places LED lights around the edge of the screen, with light being spread out across the display using a series of light guides or diffusers. This makes the TV much thinner and cheaper to manufacture.

Advantages of Edge-lit Backlight Technology

  • Slimmer design
  • More affordable

Disadvantages of Edge-lit Backlight Technology

  • Poorer contrast ratio and black levels
  • Uneven lighting
  • Subpar HDR performance

Full Array Backlight vs Edge-lit Backlight: Which One Should You Pick?

When it comes to picking between Full Array and Edge-lit Backlight, the choice depends on what you prioritize most. If you're looking for a TV with better black levels and contrast ratio, go for Full Array Backlight. However, if you want a cheaper, slimmer design, Edge-lit is the way to go.

In conclusion, both technologies have their own strengths and weaknesses. Consider your own viewing requirements before making your choice.


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